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If you have not yet discovered it already, historic downtown is quickly becoming the place to be in Fayetteville! There is a wide variety of fun things to do within walking distance of our venue. There are plenty of restaurants, local breweries, local hangout spots, coffee shops, and much more! Fayetteville is a huge military town, support local shops and businesses that are majority owned and operated by military veterans. Fortunately Studio 215 is just a block from the heart of downtown. Studio 215 has the great old town feel with much more convenient parking.

Check out some of the sights from in and around Studio 215.


Are you or your guests coming in from out of town? We can happily give you suggestions of things to do, places to stay and also delicious places to eat! We are a small business ourselves so we take pride in supporting other small businesses. Fayetteville as an abundance of hidden gems. We like to think we are one of those hidden gems!

Historic Downtown Fayetteville is full of rich history and so many beautiful and unique photo opportunity locations. Most of which are within walking distance outside of our very front door.