We have lots of videos spread out throughout our website so we decided to put them all together on one page. 

Studio 215 Overview Videos

The announcement video we posted on Facebook served as our initial overview, but we had many blanks to fill in. Check out the short films below to get an overview of what it is like to have a party in our cool warehouse space.


Below was our first official overview video...


Weddings are quickly becoming our most popular service. We have several videos below showing you what it is like to get married and/or have your wedding reception at Studio 215.


The videos below shows how we typically recommend dividing our large space into a ceremony and reception area using our mobile planter wall. Immediately after the ceremony we remove the chairs and rearrange the planters to create a dance floor area. There are many many different ways to arrange the space.

Megan and Michael's wedding video film was shot and edited by Hollis Jones.


Brandon and Tiffany's wedding ceremony and reception

This film was shot with contributions by Hollis Jones and edited by Mark Mayr.


The video below highlights Brittany and Andrew's wedding, one of the first wedding receptions at Studio 215.  We only served as the reception venue, but arranged the room to allow for the ceremony should the weather have prevented the ceremony from proceeding outside at a nearby park as planned.


The following is a short video documenting a modern wedding style shoot at Studio 215. Our industrial chic venue is in high demand among the photography community in the area.

studio 215 announcement video

Below is the first video we released before we even started our renovation. We were so excited to share our new project.

Videos of our Various Projects

It took a lot of planning and hard work to transform our space into a gorgeous event venue. While we have now finished all of our big projects (that we initially planned at least), we still have many more improvements and additions to bring to Studio 215. We are always thinking how can we make Studio 215 even better. The following are a few entertaining videos documenting some of the projects that we have completed.


This video showcases the demolition of our main space. This was the first step in the renovation of our space into Studio 215...

Construction of our patio

This is a vlog style video documenting the construction of our private outdoor patio. It was a race against time with Hurricane Matthew barreling down on us...

"WE built a Pallet Wall" Video

This is another vlog style video, this time capturing the construction of our breathtaking pallet wall in our little Studio 215. This was a really fun project and was several months in the works. 

Those are all of the project videos for now. Keep an eye out for more project videos in the near future.

Videos Showcasing Various Features of our space

Chalkboard Wall

Our huge chalkboard wall allows you to really customize our space for your future event. We have seen many amazing designs at all of the various events we have hosted. Below is a fun timelapse film documenting the creation of a chalkboard design for a senior banquet...

S'more Bar Film

This is a very short film just showing off our unique s'more bar. Your guests will absolutely love our s'more bar. It takes your dessert time to the next level.

The video below is another chalkboard art time lapse. This time the design was for a wedding.

Other Videos

At Studio 215 we almost always have a camera ready to document many of the awesome parties and events that go down in our space. 


Once a month we host candlelight yoga by Hayat Hakim. The short film below caught a moment from one of our first sessions.