A unique yellow car lift (photo above) is from the 1930s and acts as the perfect table for your wedding, a dessert bar, gifts and cards, framed photos, or as a formal place card table.

One of our favorite features is the old faded "CHEVROLET CO." sign painted on the side of our building and an old blue chevy truck hood on one of our interior walls.

There are unique features everywhere you look at Studio 215.

Exterior features

Our building was built in the 1930's and was the auto mechanic shop for the original Chevrolet dealership in downtown Fayetteville. It has been restored beautifully both inside and out. The exterior walls and landscaping are perfect for almost any photo shoot.

Full exterior of our building
Faded chevrolet sign on the side of our building

    Photos on the west side of our building

Photo of a bride and groom posing against an exterior wall of our building.
Building facade
View looking down the side of our building

interior features

One of the most photographed features is our spiral staircase.  

Our gorgeous spiral staircase.

Industrial Features

An old blue chevy truck hood adorns one wall and is one of the most eye catching features at Studio 215.

Picture of an old chevy truck hood

Below is a photo of our bar on wheels made from recycled materials.

Picture of our rustic mobile bar set up and ready for a party


We have two beautiful balconies in our big studio. The one in the picture below has an industrial spiral staircase. Our little studio has a single balcony/ mezzanine with a spiral staircase as well.


Bridal Suite

Our bridal suite has beautiful gold and blush features...

Frame art in our bridal suite
Bridal suite fish eye photo before completion
Hooks hanging from wall in bridal suite
Chandelier with mirror in background
Our palette wall in the little studio.  (c) Lafferty Photo

Our palette wall in the little studio. (c) Lafferty Photo